Queen City Dumpster Rental


Queen City Dumpster has an all-inclusive rental fee to provide a clearer understanding to our customers. Included in your dumpster rental experience is the following:

If you happen to go over the maximum weight allowance for your bin, you will be charged a prorated fee.

Feel free to give us a call, our staff is knowledgeable and talks to homeowners and contractors every day about dumpster rentals. Queen City Dumpster Rental offers affordable dumpster rental pricing with an excellent customer service experience. If you need to rent a dumpster, visit our dumpster rental order page or call us!

Contractors & Roofers – call and tell us about your job for a specific quote!

Starting Price: $415.00 (includes 2 tons disposal)

Permit Notice

Contact Your Local Municipalities 

for Guidelines on Your Queen City 

Dumpster Rental Dumpster

While we love the look of our roll-off dumpsters, you should check with your local HOA or city municipalities to make sure they will too. There can be certain guidelines for keeping a dumpster in Cincinnati or other local municipalities, within the city limits. If you aren’t sure where your dumpster should be placed, your local representatives will be able to help you find out.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Rental period is 5 days including the day of delivery unless otherwise specified on the customer invoice.


2. Disposal tonnages included in pricing are 2 Tons unless otherwise specified on customer invoice.


3. Tonnage exceeding what is above or what is listed on your invoice will be billed additionally at $70.00 per ton.


4. Customer must call to schedule removal at least one day in advance. The dumpster will be removed automatically on the last day of the rental period. There is additional billing once the rental period has expired of $20.00/day for dumpsters. After 14 days, an additional $300 charge will be added.


5. Do not fill the container past the “Load Fill Line” labeled on the container.


6. Loading a container over the maximum weight limit may result in a container too heavy to be safely hauled. In this event, the customer is responsible for unloading the container until the weight allows it to be safely hauled. Failure to comply will result in the container being emptied on the service site as well as an additional round-trip haul charge of $125.00 will be owed.


7. Maximum tonnage permitted per container: 15 yards – 5 tons


8. Due to the weight of dirt, rock, concrete, sod, sand, gravel, asphalt, and shingles rates and tonnage may differ from the information listed above. Changes in these will be listed on the customer’s invoice.


9. Queen City Dumpster Rental is not responsible for any damage beyond the curb line. We can place the container wherever dictated by the customer but cannot be responsible for cracked driveways, broken concrete, water lines, underground tanks, damaged fencing, or landscaping (including lawns), septic systems, etc. that occurred due to the placement of the container. Customers should mark and advise all drivers of possible hazards prior to delivery.


10. Customer is responsible for payment and display of street permits if required by city, county, or township law. If a violation is issued by the city for “no permit” the customer’s card on file will be charged for the fee amount.


11. Customers are responsible for damage to containers beyond reasonable wear and tear. When using machinery to load containers, please be careful.


12. Materials not accepted at our disposal facility include:

Toxic Waste

Hazardous Waste


Paint – Liquid

Used Oil


Lead Acid Batteries

Un-flattened Barrels

Un-flattened Drums

Propane Tanks


Flammable Liquids


13. Customers will assume and be responsible for any fines, violations, or penalties arising from content in the container.


14. If any materials not accepted are found in a load upon returning to our facility, the customer will be billed additionally at $25.00/per item.


15. Queen City Dumpster is not responsible for any injury sustained while loading or using our container.


16. If the customer is not on site for container delivery and no signature is obtained, the use of this dumpster will be considered in agreement with the above Terms and Conditions.


17. If for any reason during scheduled Pick-up or Delivery of Dumpster that we are unable to load or unload our dumpster due to something blocking our way or other reason, there will be a $100 Dry-Run fee added to the bill.