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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we take credit card over the phone, which we run the day before delivery, or cash or check upon delivery of your dumpster.
Yes, we put 2X10 boards underneath the dumpster, to help protect your property.
We always suggest one day or two days advance notice. However, we do offer same day delivery when schedule permits.
We ask that all our customers to fill flush with the top of the dumpster. We need to make sure that we are able to tarp the bin properly, to safely transport your bin.
Our pricing includes initial delivery, 5 days of rental, 2 tons of garbage, and pickup. Our pricing for our 15 yard dumpsters is $415.00 + Tax.
Yes, we do work with contractors.
Each size dumpster has a set amount of weight included in the initial price. If your bin exceeds the weight included, there will be an extra charge for each ton over the included weight.

There are many reasons we are the best dumpster rental company in the Greater Cincinnati area, here are a few things you can expect from us!

  • Driveway protection
  • Clean & Professional drivers
  • On time promise, we’ll even call before we arrive, if requested
  • Same day service available
  • Weekend service available
  • Clean trucks & dumpsters
  • We use smaller trucks and can fit into tighter areas
  • We will answer the phone and answer your questions every time
  • We make dumpster rental easy
  • We pride ourselves in customer service
All of the Greater Cincinnati area, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana

Dumpster rentals can be as short as one day or as long as four weeks. Sometimes, customers will order a morning dumpster delivery and then the dumpster will be removed that night. Some customers also require daily, weekly, or bi-weekly dumpster removals, where the dumpster is removed, emptied, and returned on a regular basis until the project is complete.

You typically don’t have to be at home for dumpster deliveries and pick-ups. As long as you provide clear instructions as to where the dumpster is going, our expert driver technicians can figure things out for there.
Many customers fill up their dumpsters quickly and are ready to have their dumpsters picked up before the end of the day. In most situations, dumpster rental companies can provide you with same-day service.


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